About Us

Our specialty is providing Professional Studio Musicians who are virtuosos at their instruments. These professionals are also uniquely successful in their ability to convey that knowledge through a proven teaching style, using techniques that our clients have come to enjoy and truly learn from, regardless of age or level of skill.

Many of our customers prefer the convenience of our company traveling to their homes with the necessary tools. Moreover, you may choose in-studio instruction or mobile instruction.

Both offer the same success yet you must decide which is the most convenient and money saving option. Our offices can explain the differences and you can decide on your ideal package, all of which are priced very affordably.

Whether it's guitar (acoustic, electric, 4-5 or 6 string bass, classical, rhythm or lead), a small trap set of jazz percussion drums to a Neil Pert of RUSH double bass, 10 TOM TOM extravaganza or somewhere in the middle, we guarantee you will show improvement with each session!


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